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The average homeowners insurance cost in Missouri is $1,678 per year.
Missouri homeowners insurance is 17% higher than the national average.
Cincinnati Insurance is our top pick for homeowners insurance in Missouri.
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    How much is homeowners insurance in Missouri?

    The average homeowners insurance cost in Missouri is $1,678 per year according to the Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance. That's a 33% increase in the last 10 years.

    The average in the United States is $1,406, putting Missouri 17% higher than the rest of the country. Wind and hail damage are large contributors to these above average premiums.

    The location of your home can significantly affect your rate as well. Rural homes tend to cost more to insure due to their distance from the local fire station.

    Homeowners insurance in Missouri vs national average Average annual cost
    Missouri $1,678
    National average $1,406

    Who are the best homeowners insurance companies in Missouri?

    There is no single insurance company that will be the best for everyone. Coverages and options vary from company to company, so it depends on your individual situation.

    Some factors determining the right fit could be:

    age of home
    age of roof
    you want to bundle auto
    flood insurance
    earthquake insurance
    your dog is on the restricted breeds list

    Our recommendations

    Rank Company Reasoning
    #1 Cincinnati One of the strongest homeowners insurance policies in Missouri. Very few coverage exclusions. Not always the cheapest. You get what you pay for.
    #2 Travelers Exceptional claims process. Long standing A-rated company who has always done right by our clients.
    #3 Safeco Liberty Mutual is their parent company. Over 100 years in business and dedicated to delivering their policies through the independent insurance agency channel.
    #4 Openly A newcomer to homeowners insurance. What they lack in experience they make up for in a robust policy. Very few coverage exclusions and a $5 million guaranteed replacement cost. They don't offer auto insurance yet so you'll have to forfeit a bundling discount.
    #5 Nationwide Peyton Manning is in their commercials so they must be winners right? In all seriousness, Nationwide is a great company with strong financial backing. Claims are handled well and the policy is strong. The reason they're further down on our list is they shut off taking new clients for a period in 2023 and have struggled getting their rates competitive again.

    How did we determine the rankings?

    Our rankings are based on our real world experience working with insurance companies in Missouri over the last 15 years. We consider our personal experience placing clients with different carriers. We feel this real life experience is more valuable than some anonymous survey!

    Our rating criteria includes rate stabilization, financial stability, customer service and ease of doing business among other factors. As an independent insurance agency, we can choose from over 2 dozen homeowners insurance companies for our clients.

    Missouri homeowners insurance coverage

    Some of the basic coverages on homeowners policies are for your dwelling, personal property and personal liability. There are also endorsements available such as sewer and water backup, earthquake and service line.

    Basic coverages

    Coverage type What it covers
    Coverage A: Dwelling Your home and attached structures such as a garage
    Coverage B: Other Structures Stand-alone structures on your property such as a fence, garage or shed
    Coverage C: Personal Property Items inside your home that aren't permanently attached
    Coverage D: Loss of Use Covers the cost of temporary housing if you can't live in your home due to a covered loss
    Coverage E: Medical Payments Pays to treat a non-household member injured on your property, regardless of fault
    Coverage F: Personal Liability Covers your legal liability for causing injury or property damage to someone else

    Check out our full list of homeowners insurance coverage options along our recommendations.

    Does Missouri homeowners insurance cover flood damage?

    Flood damage is not covered by homeowners insurance policies. To get coverage, you can purchase flood insurance through a private flood insurance company or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

    The NFIP is limited to $250,000 for structural coverage and $100,000 for personal property so it may not be an option for everyone.

    Our agency can help you get quotes from both to determine the best fit.

    Missouri homeowners insurance deductibles

    Missouri homeowners face a high risk of damage from hail. Of the total $1.1 billion in claims paid in 2022, 45% of that was for wind and hail damage. Many insurance companies in Missouri now require you to have a separate deductible for wind and hail damage. These deductibles are usually higher than your deductible for all other causes of loss so it's important to know how they work.

    You may have a dollar amount deductible or a percent deductible. A dollar amount deductible could be something like $1,500. The percentage deductible is calculated as a percent of the dwelling coverage amount. For example, if you have a $300,000 home and your deductible is 1% of the dwelling covered amount, your deductible is actually $3,000.

    Percent deductible

    Dwelling Coverage Percent Deductible Deductible
    $300,000 1% $3,000
    $300,000 2% $6,000
    $300,000 3% $9,000

    Missouri has had the luxury of fixed dollar amount deductible options for wind and hail damage for a long time. However, the insurance landscape is changing and companies are increasingly phasing out fixed dollar amount deductibles in favor of percent deductibles.

    Many other states such as Oklahoma and Texas have been doing this for the last ten years so it's nothing new. So, while it may be new to Missouri, it isn't new to many homeowners from other states.

    Missouri homeowners insurance discounts

    Did you know you could save up to 40% on your premium just by taking advantage of discounts? It's a good idea to periodically check with your agent and review your policy.

    Some of the biggest discounts are:

    Protective devices
    Smart home
    No mortgage
    Paperless poicy
    Claims free
    Quote in advance

    Check out our list of 24 homeowners insurance discounts to help you get the best deal possible.

    Missouri homeowners insurance cost by city

    Missouri homeowners insurance rates vary by city. Insurance companies look at many variables such as weather patterns, past claims history in the area, crime rates and fire department response times. For example, due to these criteria St. Louis' average cost is quite a bit higher than a more suburban area like Town and Country.

    Average homeowners cost in Missouri by city

    City Average annual cost
    St. Louis $1,924
    Creve Coeur $1,732
    Town and Country $1,576

    Other Personal Insurance Policies

    We offer many other personal insurance policies such as auto, motorcycle, boat, life, umbrella, rental property and more. The more you bundle, the more you can potentially save.

    Did you know that bunding your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance saves an average of 18%?

    Another great benefit to having all your policies with one agency is only having to call one place with any questions you may have. Whether that be for renewals, claims or billing, our customer service delivers a smooth and connected experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average cost of homeowners insurance in Missouri is $1,721 per year, according to a Partners Insurance analysis of home insurance premiums.

    These are our favorite homeowners companies in Missouri:

    1. Cincinnati
    2. Travelers
    3. Safeco
    4. Openly
    5. Nationwide

    In the past it was common to have a fixed dollar amount deductible, such as $1,500 for all perils.

    However, now it's becoming more common to see percent deductibles for wind and hail damage.

    For example:

    $300,000 Dwelling coverage
    1% Wind/Hail deductible

    $300,000 x .01 = $3,000 Deductible

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