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Compare auto insurance quotes in Elmhurst, IL. Choose from Travelers, Safeco, Nationwide and dozens of other top companies.

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The average auto insurance cost in Elmhurst, IL is $908 per year.
Elmhurst auto insurance is 3% higher than the Illinois average.
Cincinnati Insurance is our top pick for auto insurance in Elmhurst, IL.
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    How much is auto insurance in Elmhurst, IL?

    The average auto insurance cost in Elmhurst is $908 per year according to our client data. That's 3% higher than the Illinois state average.

    The average in the United States is $639, putting Elmhurst 30% higher than the rest of the country. Some factors in determining premiums include historical weather patterns, theft data, claims history, local labor costs and credit score.

    Auto insurance in Elmhurst vs Illinois Average annual cost
    Elmhurst $908
    Illinois $878

    How do I get the cheapest auto insurance in Elmhurst, IL?

    Shopping around is a good place to start. Rates fluctuate with insurance companies over time so if you haven't shopped in a while it may be a good idea to do so. Partners Insurance is an insurance brokerage so we're able to shop multiple companies for you. We know the area well and are familiar with the most competitive insurance companies.

    Make sure you shop early to get the advanced quote (early bird) discount because it can be quite large. In order to earn this discount you need to get a quote 7-10 days before you make the policy effective.

    Use an attorney to get traffic violations reduced to a lesser charge. Tickets can affect your rate for 3-5 years. It's almost always cheaper to pay the attorney fees than to pay higher car insurance rates for several years.

    Let your agent know if your credit score has increased. Insurance companies use an insurance score to determine how much you'll pay. Your credit score is one of the largest factors in your overall insurance score.

    Work with an agency who performs annual reviews, like we do, to stay on top of your auto insurance and identify areas of improvement. Things change like how many miles you drive to work, retirement or accidents or tickets falling off your record. Our annual reviews allow us to stay on top of your policy and not let it become outdated which can cause you to be paying more than you should.

    Who are the best auto insurance companies in Elmhurst, IL?

    Cincinnati is the best auto insurance company in Elmhurst, IL in our opinion. While there is no single insurance company that will be the best for everyone, they're a solid choice based on our personal experience working with them. Their overall outstanding reputation inside the insurance industry also shows they're doing things right.

    Not all insurance companies that offer Illinois auto insurance will be available in Elmhurst. Sometimes they restrict access in certain cities or zip codes based on their profitability.

    Some factors determining the right fit could be:

    Driving history i.e. accidents and tickets.
    Year, make and model of car. For example, some insurance companies won't take Kia's right now.
    Your location. Some insurance companies won't offer auto insurance in certain areas due to profitability issues.
    Whether or not there are youthful drivers in the household.
    Credit score
    Weather patterns in your area.

    Best insurance companies in Elmhurst

    Rank Company Reasoning
    #1 Cincinnati One of the strongest auto insurance policies available. Very few coverage exclusions. Not always the cheapest but you get what you pay for.
    #2 Travelers Exceptional claims process. Long standing A-rated company who has always done right by our clients.
    #3 Safeco Liberty Mutual is their parent company. Over 100 years in business and dedicated to delivering their policies through the independent insurance agency channel.
    #4 Nationwide Peyton Manning is in their commercials so they must be winners right? In all seriousness, Nationwide is a great company with strong financial backing. Claims are handled well and the policy is strong.
    #5 Progressive A household name everyone recognizes. Progressive continues to be a leader in auto insurance. They are further down on our list because claims handling could be a little stronger.

    How did we determine the rankings?

    Our rankings are based on our real world experience working with insurance companies in Elmhurst over the last 15 years. We consider our personal experience placing clients with different carriers. We feel this real life experience is more valuable than some anonymous survey!

    Our rating criteria includes rate stabilization, financial stability, customer service and ease of doing business among other factors. As an independent insurance agency, we can choose from over 2 dozen auto insurance companies for our clients.

    What our customers are saying

    5.0 Google Reviews  google review 5 stars

    Ryan Robinson
    2 months ago
    Brian has helped me, my family, and girlfriend with auto and home policies and has been fantastic every time! Not only gets the best rate, but takes the time to educate you when you have a question. It is always a pleasure to do business with him
    Kimbra Hess
    2 months ago
    Brian Risk/ Partners Insurance handles my policies quickly and efficiently. Any time I have questions or need policies updated, Brian makes the process seemless and easy. Furthermore, Brian handles every inquiry immediately. I’m very satisfied as a customer.
    funnyman KAOZ
    4 months ago
    The service agent gave me top-notch customer service. He knew what he was talking about and made the whole experience an enjoyable one. You're very lucky to have him on your team. He was very knowledgeable and made things simple to understand. I will always go to him in the...

    Compare auto insurance quotes in Elmhurst, IL.

    We shop over 2 dozen companies for you.

    Elmhurst, IL auto insurance discounts

    Did you know you could save up to 40% on your premium just by taking advantage of discounts? It's a good idea to periodically check with your agent and review your policy.

    Some of the biggest discounts are:

    Low mileage
    Good student
    Early bird

    Check out our complete list of 24 auto insurance discounts here to help you get the best deal possible.

    Elmhurst, IL auto insurance coverage

    Some of the basic coverages on auto insurance policies are for liability, comprehensive and collision. There are also endorsements available such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement and GAP coverage.

    Basic coverages

    Coverage type What it covers
    Bodily Injury Liability Bodily injury you have caused someone else when you're at-fault.
    Property Damage Liability Your responsibility for damages to other vehicles or property.
    Medical Payments Covers you and your passengers regardless of fault. Can help cover health insurance deductibles.
    Comprehensive Covers damage to your car for events such as hail, theft and flood.
    Collision Covers collision with another vehicle or object.
    Uninsured Motorist Covers bodily injury to you and your passengers when someone else is at-fault and doesn't have auto insurance.
    Underinsured Motorist Pays for bodily injury to you and your passengers when someone else is at-fault and has inadequate coverage.

    Check out our full list of auto insurance coverage options along with our recommendations.

    Should I purchase roadside assistance?

    Roadside Assistance typically includes services such as towing, jump starts, flat tire repair and helping you if you locked your keys in the car. Towing can many times be the most costly depending on how far you need to go.

    With Elmhurst being a populated area, there are plenty of auto repair shops close by so a tow probably won't cost any more than $50 - $75. It may be worth skipping this coverage and paying out-of-pocket if you have newer vehicles that are unlikely to break down. Another benefit to self-insuring your roadside assistance is you will avoid these showing up as claims on your record.

    Some insurance companies won't count roadside assistance claims against you. However, some will. They may remove a claims-free discount which could in turn cost you way more money than the $50 reimbursement you received for the tow.

    However, you may prefer the ease of mind of having this coverage. If so, you have a couple options. You can either add it to your auto insurance policy or you can purchase it separate through another company such as AAA. They are the most reputable towing subscription service and have been doing it a long time. A huge benefit is you can use the service as much as you need and the claims won't affect your auto insurance premium.

    What auto insurance deductible should I choose?

    Your auto insurance deductible is the amount you pay before your insurance coverage applies. For example, if your claim is for $5,000 and you have a $500 deductible, you'll receive $4,500 to cover the damages. The most common deductibles our customers choose are between $500 - $1,500 although you can choose much higher.

    We advise our clients to choose deductibles that are no higher than their emergency savings. While it's great to save money by electing higher deductibles, you could burden yourself financially if you don't have enough to cover them.

    You typically won't have a single deductible for all claim types. Also, you can choose different deductible amounts for different coverages. For example, you may choose a $500 deductible for Comprehensive coverage and $1,000 for Collision coverage.

    Deductible types

    Coverage Common deductible options
    Comprehensive $500 - $5,000
    Collision $500 - $5,000
    Glass $0 - $500

    Other personal insurance policies

    We offer many other personal insurance policies such as home, motorcycle, boat, life, umbrella, rental property and more. The more you bundle, the more you can potentially save.

    Did you know that bunding your homeowners insurance with your auto insurance saves an average of 18%?

    Another great benefit to having all your policies with one agency is only having to call one place with any questions you may have. Whether that be for renewals, claims or billing, our customer service delivers a smooth and connected experience.

    Driving in Elmhurst, IL

    welcome to elmhurst, il sign

    Elmhurst has a population of 45,286 who reside inside of about 10 square miles. There are 16,670 households with an average of 2.7 people per household.

    The mean travel time to work is 29.9 minutes, so it's not likely you'll earn a low mileage discount unless you work from home or are retired.

    59% of residents age 25 and over have a Bachelor's degree or higher. This can earn you an education discount so don't forget to tell your agent if this applies to you.

    Data sources are the United States Census Bureau and World Population Review.

    Should I file a police report for a car accident?

    You should always file a police report if you're involved in a car accident. Not all police departments will dispatch an officer to the scene but they will at least take the report over the phone.

    Without a police report, or witnesses, the other party can change their mind once they figure out it's your word versus theirs. If this happens, you'll likely be held 50% at-fault in Illinois. On your insurance cliams history, it counts as an at-fault accident no matter what percentage you're considered at-fault. Don't let this happen to you!

    elmhurst, il police car

    Police departments serving Elmhurst, IL

    Police department Non-emergency phone number Address
    Elmhurst Police Department (630) 530-3050 125 E. First Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126

    Partners Insurance is a proud supporter of law enforcement, first responders and all emergency services professionals. Thank one of these brave men and women today for helping keep us all safe.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average cost for auto insurance in Elmhurst is $908/yr for minimum coverage on a single car.

    1. Shop around and compare insurance quotes.
    2. Shop early to get the early bird discount.
    3. Use an attorney to get traffic violations reduced.
    4. Let your agent know if your credit score has increased.

    Some of the biggest discounts are:

    • Multi-policy
    • Accident-free
    • Violation-free
    • Multi-vehicle
    • Low mileage
    • Good student
    • Early bird

    Check out our complete list of 24 auto insurance discounts.

    Cincinnati Insurance is our top pick for auto insurance in Elmhurst, IL.

    We also like:

    #2 Travelers

    #3 Safeco

    #4 Nationwide

    #5 Progressive

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