How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

How to get your home ready for spring
Spring is upon us. Let’s get your home ready.

Clean out your dryer vent

This one is fairly quick and easy and is a great start in this article of how to get your home ready for spring. Remove your dryer vent hose from the interior wall. Use a vacuum to pull out all the lint that has built up. You can use extensions on your vacuum to reach further into vent as well.

You can also go to the vent on the exterior of your home and vacuum from that side as well. If your vacuum hose attachment is small enough you may not need to remove the vent cover. If the opening is too small, you may need to remove the vent cover first. Try to do this a couple times per year.

If you really want to go for the deep clean, you can purchase dryer duct cleaning kits that attach to your power drill. These kits will include flexible rods with brushes on the end that will scrape away any remaining lint.

Check all pipes for leaks

If you live somewhere that has cold winters the pipes in your home face a lot of wear and tear. There has been a lot of expanding and contraction throughout the winter. Now is a great time to check for any damage before there is a bigger problem.

One easy way is to take notice of your water bill. Sudden spikes could indicate a leak. Another way is to simply visually inspect the pipes around the house.

Take a look under sinks, around the water heater and any unfinished parts of the basement where pipes can easily be seen. If you don’t go in your basement very often it’s a good idea to go down and check the humidity. Usually, you can just feel the air is wet or you can see windows fogging up. If your basement is finished, and you have carpet, feel around the base of the walls to see if the carpet is damp.

You can also place a hygrometer in the basement that will beep if the humidity reaches a certain level. These are great and can cost as little as $10.

Replace filters

This is a good time to replace some of the less obvious filters we don’t tend to think about. Filters on your range hood take on a lot of gunk especially if you cook at home a lot.

Some of these can be washed and reinstalled but will depend on the type you have. Mesh filters can be cleaned several times and only need replacing every 1-2 years. Some carbon filters may need to be replaced several times per year.

Refrigerator water filters are often rated at 6 months in between replacements. If they aren’t replaced they can get bacteria and other contaminate build up. Salmonella can up on dirty refrigerator water filters.

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

This is a great time to test that they’re working correctly as well as replacing the batteries. House fires are devastating and smoke alarms are your first line of defense.

The average life of a smoke detector is 10 years. Some models are manufacturer rated 5-7 years. Even if it’s working properly, it’s not a bad idea to replace them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

We hope this helps you get your home ready for spring!

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